What we cover...

  • Unfamiliar listening - how to predict the answers and even be able to answer some before you have heard the piece…

  • Essay writing comparing familiar and unfamiliar works, using set works from the current syllabus

  • Melody dictation

  • Musical eras & their features

  • Basic harmony, I, IV, V, cadences etc

  • Recognising musical features such as ground bass, circle of 5ths, imitation

  Upcoming Dates


  • Friday 21st February 2020
  • 10am-3.30pm
  • Lunch and snacks included
  • All materials provided
  • £125 

A-level Day

  • Date TBC
  • 10am-4pm
  • Lunch and snacks included
  • All materials provided

Further dates coming soon... follow us on Facebook to be notified when dates are confirmed!

GCSE & A-level Courses

GCSE and A-level music are HUGE subjects and many of our students feel that there is not sufficient time in their taught classes at school to cover areas such as the unfamiliar listening paper and dictation. These sorts of things are skills all musicians should feel confident in and spending some time on them over the summer without all the usual termtime activities going on can really help with this. We will be focussing on these areas: 

We will spend the morning looking at how best to compare music in essay format and working through a variety of unfamiliar listening exercises. We will discover how a good theoretical knowledge of music will enable you to even predict some answers before you have even heard the music! 

After lunch, which is provided, as well as a variety of snacks and drinks throughout the day, we will spend some time looking at harmony, musical features and eras, and the dreaded melodic dictation! (it's really not as bad as it seems!)

As always, we offer a friendly and relaxed environment, lots of food, and we keep our groups nice and small so everyone gets the attention they need. If you are interested in signing up for this course, please email us and we will get you booked in. 

We also offer one to one support for set works and any other areas which students feel they would like more help with. Just get in touch to discuss! Click here to send us an email.

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