We are on Spotify! We regularly add to our playlists where you will find everything from Baroque, Classical and Romantic music  to help you begin to define the musical styles of different eras  to songs in strange time signatures to practice your rhythm! We have also compiled playlists of songs for our Harmony students to use for practice. We hope you will find this section useful and let us know if you think of any songs we can add! Follow us at twobeesmusicschool for more.

(Please note that some of the songs on these lists might not suitable for younger listeners so do check first.)

- Baroque & Roll

- Classical  (with a BIG C)

- Romantic Rock Stars

- 20th Century, are you ready for this?!

- 3 Chord Wonders (for our Stage 1 harmony students) 

- Sway Away to 6/8

- Unusual/Changing Time Signatures - can you keep up? Great for rhythm practice!

- Women Composers, yes there were and still are lots!