About Us

A little bit about us...

Alistair and Hannah met at the University of Edinburgh in 2004, whilst writing countless fugues in the style of J S Bach and fighting for last minute recording studio space at 2am, studying for their BMus degrees. Years later, they are married, with two young kids, and are still happily arguing about counterpoint (and Elvis). 

They share a love for all types of music (except the two artists they still disagree on) and a passion for teaching, aiming to instil a lifelong love of music in their students.

Both Hannah and Alistair have taught privately for over 15 years, have run numerous workshops for children and adults together,  and in 2012 they founded Two Bees to fill a huge, sad gap for inspiring music theory lessons with teachers who actually like teaching theory! 

Hannah Cahill, Queen Bee

BMus (Music), MSc (Music Psychology & Neuroscience)

Hannah Cahill grew up in London and began learning the piano at the age of 11, whilst at Godolphin & Latymer School. She then studied music at the University of Edinburgh, under the direction of Peter Nelson and John Kitchen, where she gained a Bachelor of Music degree (BMus (hons) ) in 2005, specialising in History, Counterpoint and Electroacoustic Composition.

More recently, she gained an MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience of Music at Goldsmiths, University of London. This was an mad and incredible two years, looking at brain scans, waveforms, and lots of statistics,  discovering all the reasons she loves music theory so much!

When she is not teaching music theory, Hannah works as a Research & Insights Consultant for an international sonic branding agency where she gets to play with data and music all day, researching music-science with fellow nerds who also fall into this small but fascinating niche! 

Hannah also loves coding, weaving and annoying her family practicing polyphonic singing.

Hannah is a member of the Independent Society of Musicians (ISM).

Alistair Bankier, The 2nd Bee

BMus (Music)

Alistair Bankier grew up in Glasgow and began learning the piano at the age of seven and sang with the National Youth Choir of Scotland. He studied music at the University of Edinburgh, under the direction of Peter Evans, Nigel Osborne and John Kitchen, specialising in Piano Performance and Harmony & Counterpoint, and gained his Bachelor of Music (BMus (hons) )in 2006.

Alistair has spent time working wth inmates in an Edinburgh prison using music as part of the rehabilitation process and has performed both as a soloist and with orchestras and has also toured with many choirs as a baritone. 

Alistair helps out with the day to day running of the school. He also happens to be a fantastic cook and he caters for all our group courses.

Luke Shooter

Music Student

Luke was born in London and started playing piano when he was 5. He is currently studying Music at the University of Manchester, where he plays as the pianist for the University Big Band. He also performs as a soloist and plays in other bands and ensembles.

He also loves composing, improvising, learning and talking (lots) about music, and has taken part in multiple music and neuroscience studies.

Luke takes any opportunity he can to see live concerts of all types of music and is always open to hearing any recommendations!

Luke is also a former Two Bees student, and we are so excited that he now teaches many of our 121 theory and GCSE lessons because we know how brilliant he is!