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Grade 5 Theory worksheets

Free Home Learning Worksheets

We have made some fun worksheets for you to use if you need something to fill a rainy afternoon! There is something for every age, including the mums and dads! If you are one of our students you will find the Grade 5 Theory worksheets to the right. There are some fun links to other musical websites at the bottom of the page too! Enjoy! 

Composers Wordsearch

Find 15 composers hidden in the wordsearch using clues about their lives! Suitable for ages 6 and up. 

Thought Provoking Pieces...

Some questions about interesting and unusual music to get some good family discussions going and creativity flowing! Suitable for Secondary School aged students of any age.

Composers Project

Find out about various composers, their music and lives. Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Listen To This!

Work on your Aural Skills using a variety of pieses and songs. Draw what you hear!  Suitable for younger primary aged children.

Peter And The Wolf

Listen to Prokofiev's famous Peter and the wolf and match instruments to their characters. Suitable for primary aged children.

The Music Lab

Try these fun experiments and contribute to musical research at Harvard! Suitable for the whole family

Chrome Music Lab 

A great site eith LOADS of fun musical experiments to try - write a piece or record and play your voice backwards! (click image)


Get to know some famous music and do some related fun family activities. Suitable for all ages. (click image)

Classic FM 

A list of the best livestream and archive concerts to watch at home. (click image)