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Our Mission:

Helping students discover how wondeful music theory is, and then ace the Grade 5 Theory exam, one course at a time!*

*mostly through cake & puns

Grade 6 Practical Looming? 

You are in exactly the right place! With our immersive courses, students will understand why we love theory so much - and why it is important - through music they already know and enjoy. We throw in a bit of music psychology and even explore the science of how sound actually works. They can also try out some new instruments (maybe even make some with vegetables!), make new friends, and eat loads of cake. Is there a better way to spend a weekend? We don't think so! 

Join The Fun!

10/11 Feb * 16/17 March * 13/14 Aprl * 25/26 May

Oh, and We also teach this stuff too. Click for more info!